Modern Day Witch Hunt Essay

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What is a witch hunt? you might ask. Well, a witch hunt originally was a legit hunt for witches. Infact they still happen today but overtime the phrase “witch hunt” changed and goes way beyond an actual hunt for witches. During the McCarthyism time (1950-1958) witch hunts became extremely popular because of somethings mentioned in the bible. A modern day witch hunt now is just like it was then just not as silly. The Wee Care Nursery child abuse case was a trial that changed everyone's views about day cares. The Wee case made this idea of sexual abusing employes in daycares stereotype spread throughout the whole nation. This was the beginning of a modern day witch hunt.

The Wee Care Nursing center had an employee charged with two hundred
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The Wee Care Nursery case is what started the fear and hysteria over abuse in child daycares and the witch hunt for sexual abusers in the youth’s daycare centers. This created people to think this was happening to their children even if it wasn’t. Police and therapist question the children and the children would deny it and say none of that happened but the police would keep asking them over and over. The police asking over and over made these children realize this will never be over unless they agree with the police and therapists. The therapists would suggest things and persuade the children to admit something happened when it really didn’t happen, thus putting many many innocent people in prison for false accusations.

A case that broke out shortly after the Wee Care Nursery case was the McMartin Case. This was a case that lasted close to 7 years! And in the end all the charges were dropped and this case was the longest and most expensive case in United States history. The McMartin case wasted so much money and time because it was all just a big crime scene of fear. Cases just like this began to rise to the surface over the years for the same very reason. The police at first believed this was all true but realized that there was no way this many cases at the same time could seem

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