Modern Communication Essay

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Modern Communication

Computers, mobile telephones, and new technology are beginning to replace our normal ways of communicating. We see this “communication problem” at work, in the schools but also at home. It can be discussed whether it’s an actual problem or not. In this essay, however, we will find out which issues the represented texts deal with.

The communication nowadays is not like it was some generations ago. We live in a modern culture and it is important to follow the technological development, especially on the workplaces. Almost everything is done with the help of technology. As a result of the increasing development, many workplaces have high expectations, when it comes to how much a person should know about computers,
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Maybe some of the published names were cheating on their wives; in which case they got what they deserved. But some of them were lonely people who just wanted human contact. The underline is that when you’re faking your identity on the internet you make it possible to create a barrier between the sender and receiver. Therefore you wouldn’t know for sure who is behind the screen or whose feelings you’re hurting.
In this context it could be discussed whether the internet is being used for good or bad. Is it morally correct to expose people like that? That’s up to the individual to decide.

On another website a girl published a name of a man who had raped, sodomized, and infected a girl with a sexual transmitted disease. She used a real name of a man who was completely innocent. He was accused of something he had never done. They both said that it was a prank but the prank turned out to destroy innocent people’s lives.

Text number three “Technophobia – the sign of a born leader?” by Stuart Jeffries is about the older generation and how they are coping with modern technology. The republican president candidate John McCain does not use his e-mail and doesn’t know how to send one. But McCain is not the only one who is in a learning process with the internet. Many from the older generations have enrolled themselves into computer courses in order to fit better into society and our present time.
In contrast to McCain, Barrack Obama is very prominent when it comes

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