Modern Art: Modernism And The Reflection Of Life

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The word "modernism", derived from the Latin “modo”, to denote the main direction in the art of bourgeois society, the era of its decline. One more terms to express the same concept are "avant-garde", "avant-garde". The main objective of modernism is : the depth of penetration into the conscious and subconscious human transmission of the memory, perception of the features, including, as in "moments of being" refracted past, present and foreseeing the future. The basic techniques in the work of modernists becomes a "stream of consciousness" that allows you to capture the movement of thoughts, impressions, feelings.

Every phenomenon of a life, before it reaches a clear and relatively complete form, passes some preliminary
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And these signs shall be as short as possible similar to visual illusions, they are real rough. So painting, play a major role in the modernization of the growing artistic life is often used now instead of paints sand, cement, tar, and then the real thing, bought in a store or on the factory, things like those. In poetry, word plays the screen for transmission of spiritual content, acquiring the value of material fact - sound effects. The music eliminates the difference between the tone of the music and the usual noise of life.

According to all above, the movement of modernism has influenced the work of many writers of the XX century. However, its impact was not and could not have been comprehensive. The tradition of literary classics continue their lives and development. One of the main place in the literature of modernism is the theme of understanding of the war, a lost generation. In the literature the term “modern architecture” for the English term “modern architecture”, “modern movement” or “modern”, employed in the same

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