Models Of Job Related Stress And Career Among Consultant Physicians

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Models of job-related stress and personal achievement among consultant doctors

A researchers from university of Edinburgh has conducted a research to indicate the results of the occupational health and self-accomplishments among 300 consultant physicians in Scotland. By using many stress models in this study, researchers have found that occupational stress exceeds the normal limit. Researchers found that workload has a direct effect on stress among doctors. Extraversion and Conscientiousness has a direct effect on self-accomplishment. The research has shown that there is a significant difference between occupational health and self-accomplishments models.

Relationship between Occupational Stress, Job Satisfaction and Job Burnout among Doctors
A study occurred in Pakistan to evaluate the stress level and satisfaction among 600 doctors working at non-governmental and governmental hospitals. The research group has choose a specific questionnaire as a tool to evaluate the stress magnitude. The questionnaire composed of three sections. The researchers have proved that there is a strong relation between stress and satisfaction. The main factors contributed to stress level were occupational and job-related factors. Researchers recommend health care organizations to eliminate the source of competition, increase the salaries and improve the quality of work environment.

Stress and recovery in junior doctors

A study conducted in Germany to evaluate the stress level…

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