Mobile Payment Essay

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Mobile payments in Asia Pacific

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Mobile payments in Asia Pacific



Introduction from Sean Choi and David Collins


Introduction from John Ure and Peter Lovelock




Business models and the m-payments value chain
– Business models behind different transaction types
– Emerging business models by country
– Industry perspectives on m-payments


Case studies
– Smart in the Philippines
– Yeepay’s B2B approach
– The growing reach of Octopus
– Gaming and virtual money
– A view from the bottom of the pyramid
– mHITs in Australia


Regulations and standards


Risks and
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Mobile payments in Asia Pacific


Introduction from John Ure and Peter Lovelock

John Ure

Peter Lovelock

This mobile payments report is the first of two papers produced by the Telecoms
Research Project (TRP) in collaboration with KPMG, the second being on online games, a sector of rapid commercial growth and in which mobile payments are coming to play an increasingly important role. TRP Corporate is the consulting, services and training arm of the Telecommunications Research Project based at the University of Hong Kong.
Mobile payments (m-payments) are any chain of payments that are initiated by use of a mobile device. Across a wide range of commercial sectors, from the mobile network operators (MNOs) themselves and the handset manufacturers, to transportation companies and payment platform providers, to banks and retail stores, to advertisers and third party content providers, there is a growing investment in m-payments as a way to reach and retain new customers, to generate more traffic, and to reduce cash payments and transaction costs.
This increasingly includes using the mobile phone to provide service to the
‘unbanked’ in less developed regions. Driving these developments are advances in technologies, in security, and in regulations, but most

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