Mobile Marketing Strategies Of India Essay

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By taking the present condition of the all the industries in India one of the top leading industries in the present scenario is telecommunication industry of India. The expansion and growth of this industry has been seen since the last 50 years and every consecutive year its increasing more and more. Nowadays, every person is aware about a mobile phone be it a normal grocery vendor or a big business tycoon. Everybody knows how to operate a mobile phone.
Marketing through a mobile channel is known as Mobile marketing which undoubtedly consists of a lot of uniqueness, complexity, business skills, marketing expertise and a mix of technologies. Mobile marketing is slowly and slowly becoming a primary means to reach out to our customers. One of the most commonly form of mobile marketing is done through SMS, MMS, Mobile applications. If you’re installing an application on your mobile phone or you’re playing a game on your mobile phone you’ll always find an advertisement popping in between your game which clearly describes mobile marketing strategies of many companies.
The main objective of mobile marketing is to spread the brand awareness among the people. With the help of mobile marketing the companies also get to know about the customer’s needs, their taste and preferences.
Henceforth, the very purpose of this research is to know about the mobile marketing in depth, what the challenges and ethical issues are faced in mobile marketing by the companies in India as…

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