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This is an assessment of the leadership styles and skills of the manager of scotia bank Morant Bay. In this assessment my aim is:
To assess critically the effectiveness of the leadership style and skills demonstrated by the manager of the scotia bank Morant Bay branch.
In order to achieve this aim I’ve set up a group of objectives which are:
 To determine the leadership style utilized by the manager.
 To determine the leadership skills possessed by the manager.
 To analyse the effectiveness of the managers leadership style and skills.

Literature review

McHugh (2002) in his book, Understanding business, listed three types of leadership styles namely autocratic, democratic and
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These are communication skills, problem solving skills and listening ability. Singh suggest that in order to lead effectively you must be able to communicate with subordinates, this not only implies sending messages but also being able to get them to do what u want them to and ensuring they know the important role they play in the organization. Critical thinking involves the leader’s ability to think over a situation logically i.e. how can I get this done? In doing so, often times the best solution is in the best interest of the workers and customers and not necessarily the leader’s. Listening is one of the skills that are often undermined by people. It enables a leader to receive up-to-date info on the company and its products. Singh also stated another benefits of listening as “Providing an important form of worker participation which can have a
Motivational benefit”

In my study I’ll be determining if and how many leadership skills the manager at the Scotia bank possesses and in addition how effective are they in the running of the everyday business.

Griffin (2002) in his book management gave a definition of a formal leader as one who has been appointed by the organization and elected by members. He went further to differentiate between informal leaders saying that,
“A person who engages in leadership activities but whose right

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