Mitigating Your Digital Transformation Risks Essay

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Mitigating Your Digital Transformation Risks in 2017

Launching a digital transformation project can be scary. Customers are demanding more, managers are expecting to see rewards and employees are hoping that the project will make their jobs easier. You know that your project is not going to progress from inception to deployment without a few issues, but you are also aware that seemingly minor issues can snowball into project failure. With so much at stake, how can you reduce your risks and feel confident about the eventual success of your project?

1. Embrace the risks — even if this requires you to alter your mindset or the mindsets of upper management. Accept that there are certain inherent risks to your digital project, but understand the truth behind the old saying, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." In 2017, the most successful companies will be those that take advantage of the opportunities presented by a digital transformation.
2. Identify potential risks at the beginning of the project. Keep an open mind while looking for possible risks that could occur throughout the project. Ask your team members or experts who have proven themselves on projects similar to yours. Read between the lines when perusing business cases, the project plan or other documentation; you may find potential risks that have been overlooked.
3. Manage your risks. Risk management should be an important part of your digital strategy as well as your project. Integrate risk management in your daily…

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