Missouri Compromise : A Landmark Compromise Essay example

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Missouri Compromise
The Missouri compromise is a landmark compromise in American history. States At the time were generally between two different mindsets, being pro or anti slavery; and also the nation was generally equally divided in the even number of states with for or against slavery. However, when Missouri applied for admission to the nation, the balance was going to be shifted in favor of the south. So Henry Clay, a lawyer, politician, slave-owner, and a representative to the House from Kentucky, devised a compromise. The Missouri compromise in general terms stipulated that Missouri would be admitted to the nation as a slave state. However all land that was purchased in the Louisiana Purchase that lied north of 36o30’n would be free states, with the exception of Missouri. With Missouri now a slave state, there is one more slave state to free state; Maine was admitted quickly to counter balance. This compromise was merely a bandage on the dividing and widening gap between the northern free states and the southern slave states. While it did suffice for more than 30 years, until being ruled unconstitutional by the Dread Scott case; and was replaced by the Kansas Nebraska act of 1854. Dred Scott Case
Officially titled Dred Scott v. Sandford, the Dred Scott decision is a landmark case in American history. The title plaintiff in the case is Dred Scott an enslaved African American, to a man who attempted to farm in Alabama. When his owner gave up farming the owner moved…

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