Positives And Cons Of The Compromise Of 1850

Compromise of 1850

The “Compromise of 1850” was a resolution constructed by Henry Clay in an attempt to appease both Northerners and Southerners, in regards to if the new territorial expansions acquired from the war with Mexico and subsequent “Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo” in 1848, should allow slavery. The compromise allowed California to be a free state and gave New Mexico and Utah the policy of “Popular Sovereignty” or the ability for the people of the state to decide on slavery. Texas was given relief on 10 millions dollars worth of debt in the compromise for the re-allotment of a portion of it 's land to New Mexico. The compromise also outlawed slavery in Washington DC, as the spectacle was a national embarrassment. In addition the compromise enacted the “Fugitive Slave Act,” a means for Southerners to retrieve
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“Vertical Ingratiation” was a key component in “America 's industrial Growth.” This growth resulted in very important positives and negatives for the United States. It skyrocketed our national wealth and standard of living, but unfortunately not for everyone. Those who had wealth, had a lot of it and those who were poor were “paying a heavy price” for America 's ascension to world power. Because large companies owned everything, they could get away with “low wages” and “the unsafe working conditions” encountered by the lower class. This disparity in wealth led to economic disasters down the road, like the Great Depression. What the oligarchy failed to provide to society, was a class of people able to consume and keep the economy going. So, while the U.S. Benefited greatly from vertical integration, it also led to suffering due to the inequality it allowed the giant corporations to

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