MIS exam 1 study guide Essay

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MISM2301 - Exam 1 Study Guide

To succeed in the exam, please be familiar with the following topics:
1. The Input-Process-Output model for information processing systems –
a. The difference between data and information
-[Data]: elementary description of things but not organized to convey specific meaning -[Information]: Data that has been organized so that they have meaning and value to the recipient
-DataàProcessing (Retrieve(检索)/Calculate/Transmit)àInformation
b. Three levels of processing: (1) transaction processing, (2) management and control, and (3) innovation, planning, and learning
Transaction Processing:

Management and

Innovation, Planning and Learning:

• Data entered & edited
• Data stored
• Computations performed
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Lincoln= class name, main= method name


A command to ask the program to do a certain action. Always ends with semi-colon “;”


• You need to first request a “storage space (or mailbox)” before you can use it.
• The storage space varies according to the data type.

Arithmetic Operation:



In Java, you can output the value of the variable “number1” through the command:
You can also make your output better by adding some explanation:
System.out.println(“The value of the valuable number1:” + number1);


Control: If-Else Statement
• IF statement controls the flow of a program by checking the specified condition.

While Loop:
• A while loop is useful when you need a program to repeat a certain action until a condition is not longer met.
• A counter is typically required to control the action of a while loop.

If true, run the action inside the { } and loop several times till false
Increment and Decrement Operators:
• The statement of “counter = counter + 1;” can also be written as the following forms:
– counter += 1;
– counter ++;
• Likewise, the statement of “counter = counter - 1;” can be written as:
– counter -= 1;

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