MIS Deliverable Essay

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The following information is a description of how to use the information system used to run the Digby Company. This system includes past data and formulas that will be used to make future decisions by Digby. The document includes descriptions of all the worksheets on the information system, which are:
1. Main Page
2. Segment Data
3. Research and Development
4. Marketing
5. Production
6. Finance
7. TQM
8. Human Resources
Our information used to create this MIS system was all found on at http://capsim.com/menuApp/studentMain.cfm. This includes all tables and charts used to create any formulas provided.
1. Charts- This system relies heavily on using tables and charts to find
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Human Resources- Important formulas such as sales per employee and profits per employee are provided to make human resource decisions. Also shown is the Human Resource Summary from the Capstone Courier which provides information needed to be included for the formulas.
In order for this information system to be utilized to its full potential, all employees must be trained to use this system properly. The system must be implemented in a way that is easy for employees to understand so it will make their decisions more efficient instead of time consuming. In order for this to happen, employees need to take a half day (or 4 hour) training course on how to use the system. This course will help them figure out how to use the system to most benefit themselves and the company. This course will include step by step instructions by an experienced employee who works with each employee individually to ensure understanding. Each employee will practice finding information from the included charts to use in the given formulas, and then write what decisions they would make and their reasoning behind it. Afterwards, the adviser of the course would review the decisions to ensure each employee understands the system. Another crucial part to this training course is that each employee will be trained to use the ENTIRE system, not just the section dedicated to their position with the company. It is important that each employee understands what the

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