Minority And Subordinate Groups Of People Essay

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1. Define minority, describe (in your own words) the 5 (features/ qualities/ traits) of minority groups and describe the four types of minority groups. What other factors can be used to subordinate groups of people?

Minority (group) is a secondary group whose members have much less control or power over their lives than do the members of a majority in control. In this case, minority and subordinate mean the same thing.

Five features of a minority groups are as follows: unequal treatment, distinguishing physical or cultural conditions, happening by chance, without any planning, knowledge of an act of making something small and in-group marriage.

Unfair treatment means members of the minority that can be physically or socially separated far from others from most of the community. For example, in India, groups of a minority are denied rooms for a living space by the majority. Distinguishing physical or, cultural qualities happens when a community of people, places importance on certain conditions. These classes can include skin color, language, clothes, etc. happening by chance, without any planning)/not by a group is being unable to choose which group you are positioned in, Each person is born into a city/people that community of people puts them in. Knowledge of the act of making something lesser or smaller) happens when a group feels that they are separated from the majority. Often, this is expected to result in conflicts between groups. The act of making something…

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