Minimum Wage Should Not Be Increased During The Great Depression

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The federal minimum wage was first introduced during the Great Depression by Franklin Roosevelt. Minimum wage started off at $0.25 an hour and has been increased several times to finally have reached an hourly salary of $7.50. Minimum wage has been increased 23 times because it has become clear that one cannot live and or raise a family from the hourly amount minimum wage offers. In the 2016 election raising minimum wage was one of the many questions that caused debates between people in America. After doing my research and hearing a great deal of debates, I have made my decision that minimum wage should not be increased during this time. Minimum wage raising proponents’ hearts may be in the right place, but their heads certainly are not.
Minimum wage- The lowest wage permitted by law or by a special agreement (Merriam Webster). Because minimum wage is the lowest wage that an employee can legally be paid it only makes sense for these jobs to be of a lower standard. Most of the jobs that pay minimum wage do not require as much work, or even knowledge as jobs that require higher education after high school. For example, the manager at Walmart should not be making the same amount of money as a full time Doctor who went to school for 12 year to earn their degree. The reason that certain jobs are paid by minimum wage versus a higher salary are very clear when being compared.
Let’s look at the small businesses around us. When minimum wage is raised, how are they supposed to…

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