Essay on Minimum Wage Should Be Raised?

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As with the daily routine, Jennifer Green wakes up early on a Sunday morning to start the beginning of her long work filled week. Jennifer is 20 and struggling to pay off her student loans, resulting in the need to fill up her schedule with multiple low-income jobs. On a typical day, she gets up at 6am to get a shift in before classes, which are then followed by more shifts. Even with all these jobs, Jennifer barely scrapes by on payments and can rarely afford even basic necessities after paying monthly costs. Jennifer is one of millions of people who struggle to live off of the federal minimum wage of $7.25. While the first reaction to solve the problem could be thought to raise the minimum wage, many factors, both good and bad, could result. Due to the drop in employment, and the decline of many companies’ profits, minimum wage should not be increased. Despite multiple negative effects, many people believe that minimum wage should be raised because there are millions of people who can barely pay the bills with their low-incomes, and by raising it, these people have a chance to get out of their debts. For instance, according to an article in the Los Angeles Times, many people who receive minimum wage have to balance their schedule with multiple jobs just to pay the bills. Even with the many jobs, some run into problems finding enough hours, causing these people to seek help from families or even “government subsidies” in order to survive (Jarvie, par. 8). In other…

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