Minimum Wage Is A Standard Budget Essay

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Minimum wage is a standard budget created to provide the American workers protection and fairness. It is what saved American workers during the horrid Great Depression period when everyone seemed to be bankrupted and lost.

Federal minimum wage saves workers from being overworked. It was introduced during the 1930s around the time of the Great Depression. The Great Depression was a worldwide depression virus that wrecked economies and the stock market ruining thousands of lives. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president during that time and he promised Americans that he would protect their rights and freedom. Many American workers would be busy doing labor work and being exploited. In June 1938, Senator Hugo Black created a law known as the FLSA (Fair Labor Standard Act). Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president at that time and he signed the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in 1938. It establishes minimum wage, prohibits most child labor but in some cases allows child labor reasonable amount of part-time and full-time, and it allows an acceptable overtime pay. The FLSA provides federal protection for all American workers.

Minimum wage is the lowest legal pay that employers can legally pay their workers. However minimum wage is often still to low for employers to maintain the cost of living. Many companies like to keep the minimum wage as low as possible because it increases their profit even if it hurts their employers. Minimum wage is always changing based on the…

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