Essay On Raising Minimum Wage

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How much do you think you need to be paid per hour in order to live a sustainable life? One day while watching the news it comes to my knowledge hearing that there are people who want the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour. As I’m watching this I start to ask myself questions. Should the minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour? Would there be more positive or negative effects? The minimum wage shouldn’t be raised to $15 an hour because it will be a disadvantage for society. By raising the minimum wage there will be more unemployment, it will make merchandise become more expensive, and it is unfair for other people who went to school and/or risk their lives to just be paid the same amount.
People who usually work for minimum wage say things
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Since people don’t receive much for an income they usually move to a bad neighborhood where rent is cheaper. They could also be working two jobs just to live on a sustainable life. They will also mention things like the economy is falling and daily products are becoming more expensive and so forward.
I’m not saying it’s easy for a person to live on minimum wage, but life isn’t easy. We live in a world where one has to fight for their dreams to become reality. If you don’t want to be working for minimum wage go out and find a better job or at least one that pays more. It may be more of a challenging job but at least you will get paid more. Overall people usually hate their jobs because they don’t get paid enough. In response people are protesting to raise the minimum to $15 an hour. This idea would only make things worse. People will lose their jobs in result. The prices on products that are needed on a daily use will rise. It will be unfair for those people who have gone to school to be paid the same as a person working at minimum wage, and for the people who risk their lives to be paid the same. As a result of people being stubborn they fail to realize you can’t expect to earn a lot in a simple job. You will only get the things you want by working hard

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