Mind In Oedipus The King's Rational Mind

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Throughout the play “Oedipus Rex”, the result of emotional reactions and tone was clearly seen. One can see the difference between a rational mind and an emotional mind throughout the play. Oedipus’s emotional actions actually lead him to completing his prophecy. Oedipus’s emotional reactions and tone caused him to think wrong about Creon and make Tiresias angry. Oedipus’s overruled mind from emotions caused the gouging of the eyes. Oedipus was overruled by emotions which changed Oedipus’s rational mind to an emotional one. Oedipus’s emotional actions/tone from an emotional mind caused Oedipus to commit bad choices.
Firstly, Oedipus’s prophecy was fulfilled through an emotional state of mind. Oedipus was a normal child, but there was a
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202, 812-813). The old man was actually King Laius but Oedipus never knew that. Oedipus fulfilled the first part of his prophecy (which was killing King Laius). This was done through an emotional state of mind as if he thought rationally the result would differ from the original. Oedipus could have just sorted out his differences with the old man and that would have avoided the prophecy. However, all of the stress coming from Oedipus escaping his prophecy from King Polybus and Queen Merope caused him to think emotionally, not rationally. The reason why these indirect/direct references were chosen was because Oedipus always thought rationally (like trying to escape the prophecy etc.), but however the emotional actions by him caused the completion of the prophecy. This indirect reference does show how Oedipus doesn’t usually react like this, and would have usually just avoided it. The direct evidence shows proof that Oedipus (without knowing) actually killed King Laius since before Oedipus came to Thebes and was hailed king. The direct evidence shows some idea of who the killer of king Laius is, but Oedipus does not realize this. The second part of the prophecy was that Oedipus would marry Queen Jocasta, which was …show more content…
In Oedipus Rex, the city of Thebes was under great plague and dark times. Oedipus was told that the only way to get rid of the plague and dark times was to find the killer of King Laius. Creon heard this and sent Tiresias with a good intention to help Oedipus (his brother-in-law). Oedipus and Tiresias have a normal conversation and he asks Tiresias to tell him who the killer of King Laius is. Tiresias with the power to see the future, sees who the actual killer of King Laius and says to leave this matter and move on. This angers Oedipus who is desperately trying to save his own city, Tiresias then reveals the murder and things go differently from there. “I say you are the murder you hunt!”- Tiresias (line 413). This line is extremely important as it reveals the killer of King Laius. From here Oedipus goes all emotional. After the reveal, Oedipus gets angry and emotional calling Tiresias a fake, blind, and useless person etc. Oedipus’s tone drastically changes after this one line. Oedipus dared to call Tiresias, who is a person that can see the future and can help, a blind, and useless person. Up till now Oedipus was thinking/behaving rationally as he allowed the chorus (People of Thebes) to speak their minds and doing the best to save the people of Thebes. However, after this line and other lines Oedipus began to think emotionally causing him to do actions that he

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