Roman Military Tactics

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The Roman Military The Roman Empire was arguably one of the most technologically advanced powers of all time. The feats they accomplished with the technology they had was mind blowing, and today we are still trying to figure out how they accomplished everything. The Roman Military is one example of this point, from the incredible machinery to the quick witted tactics during time of war, the Romans were the rulers of the world. They revolutionized how a military is operated and how to manage it correctly.

The Romans put emphasis on their military power, they were a military run empire, much like the U.S. They trained their soldier’s hard day in and day out, pounding teamwork into their practice sessions. Before Soldiers would even touch
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Hand to Hand was fighting mostly front line soldier’s use. They would use fists, swords, and even spears to fight. Acute Shock fighting was essentially a system of short vicious fights. Soldiers would have a couple of minutes of intense fighting, then comrades would be waiting behind them to take their place once they tried out. This system worked very well during long fights that could sometimes be days. Finally war machines were the Romans most valuable tool. They would set up ballista’s hundreds of yards away shoot projectiles towards groups of enemy soldiers. The perks of these machines were that it only took a couple people to man them and they could safely pick people off. All of these fighting styles put together made Rome almost invincible. Whenever Romans wen into battle, the first goal was to find the enemies resource location. Augustus Cesar believed that cutting the enemies resources was the easiest way to victory. Once the Romans had control of the resources, they used their most famous tactic which was suffocation. I don’t mean that in a literal term, the roman military would surround an encampment or city so no resources could make their way in and force surrender. While many soldiers kept guard around the enemy’s location, others would start building a wall around the area where the enemy was located. The Romans made sure to build the wall far enough away so any enemy archers wouldn’t pick them off. The goal of the wall was to enclose the enemies and force surrender. Once the wall was finished they would put catapults, ballista’s and many other weapons to rain down projectiles on the enemies. The enemies could either surrender and join the Romans or starve to death, then the Romans would come into the city and take all of the remaining resources they

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