Military Family Deployment Essay

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While stress is a huge part in military families, coping with being deployed also plays a big role. Stress within the family will grow the longer that family member is deployed, due to not being able to have contact with that family member. Coping with stress is affected by the family dynamics and individual differences of each family member. All families respond different to the stress and some families have to deal with going to therapist to help with the stress. When a loved one is deployed to fight, the children will need help coping. There is a huge impact on a family relationships when your loved one is deployed. After being deployed the loved one will go through post-traumatic stress and will need to be checked out.
The impact of a loved family member being deployed plays a huge role on family relationships. This impacts family’s not just when deployed but when they get reassigned, temporary assignments,
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The family member that will be affected the most will be the loved one that was in the battle fields. Post-traumatic can occur when the loved one has been exposed to a traumatic event such as seeing one of their best friends being killed, or war (Roy). This may affect that loved one at home and may be more violent around the house and may try to distance them self from everyone else. A lot of soldiers will get post-traumatic stress disorder and they may take their own life as they feel that they cannot receive any help from anyone.
In conclusion family stress plays many roles in a military family. Even if it’s from having to move every few years, or to having their loved one gone from home, stress will play a role no matter what. Even after their loved one has been deployed and has returned home they may get post-traumatic stress disorder and then you will have to stick together and work on it. Coping with the stress may eventually stop and everyone can return back to being

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