Essay on Miley, By Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus was known as one of the most popular Disney Channel stars but, her fame began to fade which forced her to reinvent her star text, making her one of the most revolutionized celebrities in her generation. A star text is an image of everything that we associate with a star, including their promotion and body of work. Miley’s original image was developed from her years working on the show Hannah Montana which built her original image of being known as a sweet and innocent teenage girl. The ‘Hannah Montana’ brand identity connected her with a narrow audience of adolescent pre-teen’s. In an attempt to widen her audience and to counteract her declining fame, Miley, embarked on a star text evolution. Her new start text targets a larger audience including those who relate to heartbreak, drugs, and nonconformity. The extreme change of start text shocked and dismayed many of her old fans. Many social media users and celebrity journalists wrote the transformation off; implying that she was simply a lost girl in her twenties making slip-ups that she will eventually regret. Despite the negative comments, Miley has embraced her star text using to target an entire generation as an audience for publicity and media attention. Miley Cyrus claims that her controversial change was not for reward or fame but, her old star text became mundane to mainstream media and her maturing audience, compelling her to reinvent her star text in order to continue being famous and successful in the…

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