Music Analysis: Wake Up Mr. West

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Wake Up Mr. West
Upon recognition, society decides who makes it in the music industry and who does not. Infamous artists do not simply make to the mainstream scene overnight. Instead, they earn their way up with efforts; breaking records, creating mesmerizing beats, and in this instance developing the “chipmunk soul” sound. While, breaking social barriers and being oppressed by the music industry. The self-conscious, big ego, Grammy award winner, and fashion mogul; Kanye Omari West, became everything he had ever dreamed of. His true non-conformist character led him to developed his own swagger, opposing the normal trends from the early 21st century. Through the development of his career, Kanye has inspired many artists. Making history thus
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West makes it clear that he had a voice in this world. A voice that can inspire lives to change the meaning of hip-hop, while getting his point through to the nation. At the Grammy Awards, “The College Dropout” (debut album) was nominated for both album of the year and song of the year. A journalist from the New York Times Magazine states, “ ‘The College Dropout’ defied recent hip-hop formulas by presenting Mr. West as a thoughtful, good-natured character without gangster trappings.” Making his presence known, that he is here to prove that hard work, persistence, and he has talent that can lead to positive results as well as life long …show more content…
It is in our genes to follow the crowd and support trends, but in my opinion the only way to evolve into a better species is to become a brave soul, a leader, and to have confidence in oneself. That is when change starts impacting the lives of people. “I argue that West presents one of the most powerful critiques of symbolic violence”. (Richardson) West is a perfect example of, never giving in to being put down, striving to be the best, and having the highest self-confidence in the room. Yes he makes mistakes, goes off ranting on television, and speaks his mind bluntly, yet he later apologizes for his actions. We cannot stop a man on a mission to become the best that he can

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