Essay on Miles Davis : The Pioneer Of Cool Jazz

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Miles Davis went through a phase where he was no longer emotionally connected to, neither his audience nor his music. Since he was so efficient in his apprenticeship and journeyman phases, the music he would create on stage was still that of a master. The problem was, this loss of emotional connectivity cause his audiences to not like how he presented his mastery work. He would perform on stage with his back to the audience and even sometimes just stare at the audience, not caring what their reaction was. You could say he lost his personal self along his mastery journey, do to drugs, but at the same time was still able to exploit his mastery abilities of musicianship through his trumpet. It was an extension of who he still was on the inside, regardless of his physical form.
The Creative Mind Miles Davis is the pioneer of cool jazz. Cool jazz is a slower paced style of music, which contains deep roots of classical music. During this time period was the style of Be-Bop, and other musicians were playing extremely fast. Legendary musicians, such as, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie, were playing musical tunes where the quarter notes equaled 220bpm (beats-per-minute) and higher. The way these musicians flew through the scales and chord progressions was impressive to the audience they presented to. For many years, Miles Davis studied under these instrumentalists. Soon enough he would get his own personal calling and not only change the way jazz music sounded for the rest of…

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