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2 September 2015

Life in the Eyes of a Migrant Farmer I grew up in a close-knit family in Mission, Texas. As migrant farmworkers, my parents, siblings and I would travel to the San Joaquin Valley in California each spring to pick grapes and to clean cotton, then return back to Texas in the fall. Even though I loved to attend school and was very goal driven in my academics I was not able to truly succeed because of my family’s occupation. Our journey began right after we were let out of school in Mission finishing my 6th grade academic year. The year was 1973, and that summer we arrived in Wasco, California; a small town with a population of 8,475. (84 E-4 Estimates for Counties and Cities) During our
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Once the school year began we would work on days when we did not attend school and Saturdays. I ended school when I graduated from the 8th grade. My father would not let us continue on to high school because he thought there was too much drugs and bad influences in the upper grades. My father was a very hard workingman and respectful, but he too did not have much education when he was young. My father was very strict with our family; I was not allowed to do anything without his permission. So as you can see, what my father says goes, if he says we have to go work, then we work. My family and I worked full time picking bell peppers and grapes. An interesting part of being a migrant worker was discovering that the grapes I helped pack were sent to different parts of the world. After 21 years of being a migrant worker my final year was in 1984 in Waco. I worked in a fruit shed which began in the spring and ended in the fall. Once I was finished with farm work I met my husband of 30 years. My husband and I were fortunate enough to raise three children who are very successful today. My oldest son is currently an accountant, my daughter is in her 4th year in teaching and my youngest son is finishing his 4th year at the university. Looking back through my life I am very grateful for the experiences that I faced and the outcome that I

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