Essay on Midsummer 's Night Dream By William Shakespeare

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Titania, Hermia and Thisby are three of the multiple couples shown in Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream. Each couple is confronted with difficulties that causes the women in the relationships difficulties. The women deny a masculine figure in their life, and attempt to claim their right to their life and love. Their success varies and the outcomes of their love differ greatly. Hermia’s relationship with Lysander is the only one to come out through the ordeals and end together of these three couples. One thing in common between the three, is love makes fools of them all. Each woman goes against a masculine figure in their tale, whether it be written out or implied. Titania has a changeling child, whom she loves dearly and is raising in place of its dead mother; her friend. Oberon, her husband, demands she give him the child. Being a stubborn personality, she refuses. Hermia rejects her father, Egeus’s, will for her to marry Demetrius. She even refuses to go through the Duke of Athens, Theseus’s, alternative of nunnery. Instead she runs away with her love, Lysander. Thisby is separated from her beloved Pyramus by a wall dividing their fathers’ lands. After being distraught she could not be with him, they decide to run to the tomb of Ninus. Running away signifies her defying her father’s wishes, and putting her in a similar category as Titania and Hermia. They do not care what it is that others want, but what they want. For Hermia and Thisby others would call them too…

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