Middle Childhood Transitions Essay

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Register to read the introduction… During this time children are learning about memory, reasoning, controlling their emotions, and building their language and comprehension skills. Skuss (2003) writes that, ‘“Children apply their emerging reasoning abilities to many ‘real world’ issues, including the nature of friendship (Halle, 1999), environmental disasters (Kahn, 1997), and even the nature-nurture debate (Heyman and Gelman, 2000)” ’ (Skuss, 2003). Middle childhood is when children build upon the basics of what they have learned in early childhood to understand the world around them. In addition, children are learning about the importance of friendships and what it means to be friends with another boy or girl. Not only do they learn about sharing toys with their friends, but they learn about sharing secrets and new ideas …show more content…
Usually these bonds that form during the school years become crucial as children transition into the teenage years. Children join team sports not only for the competition but to make friends and this is important because they do not only worry about themselves but the group as a whole. Children during this time are also dealing with the issue of peer pressure because they want to be socially accepted in the group. If a child is rejected, they feel like they do not fit in with the popular kids because they aren’t wearing the most fashionable clothes or are doing what is cool. Middle childhood is when cliques start forming and children are starting to find where they fit in with their friends. Bullying is a common problem in middle childhood which has a major impact on a child’s social development. Parents can encourage their children to deal with their bullies without using violence and finding friends who won’t pressure them into doing something that they feel is uncomfortable. Also by building a child’s self esteem is very important in teaching children to ignore another child’s harsh

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