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Middle Age Family Relationships
In the adult middle age stage of life, according to Erikson everyone is seeking to connect with other people whether it be through friends, acquaintances, marriage or family (Berger, 2013). Erikson called this stage intimacy versus isolation. However, intimacy is needed for support, encouragement, socialization and protection. Thus, the various family relationships found in middle age can provide some of that need for intimacy. Therefore, these family relationships can be between adult children and their parents, sibling to sibling, other relatives such as aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents.
Establishing good family relationships in the early years of marriage and parenthood carries over into the later
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Furthermore, with couples choosing to start families later in their young adulthood and people living longer into their later adulthood the middle age generation is sandwich in-between both generations. According to the textbook “Sandwich generation is the generation of middle- aged people who are supposedly squeezed by the needs of the younger and older members of their families.” (Berger, 2013 pg. 485) However, being sandwich or squeezed can imply that the middle age generation is under pressure or burden by being caregivers of both children and other elderly family members. In the same token, caregiving can be beneficial for the caregiver, the children and …show more content…
In addition, age, ethnicity, and cultures plays a huge role in factors affecting the sandwich generation. “Some cultures assume the elders should live with their children, others believe that elders should live alone as long as possible and then enter some care-providing residence (Praveen, 2009; Ron, 2009).” (Berger, 2013 pg. 486) For example, in some ethnic groups the older sibling automatically assumes the responsibility of the elders, taking a leadership role in the family, and sharing responsibilities to other

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