Michael Sandels What Isn't for Sale Essay

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Through its exquisite examples, and compelling tone, Michael Sandel's article "What Isn't for Sale" advises that we need to recognize that our markets are taking over our personal lives and we have become a market society. Anything and everything are for sale these days in our nation. Sandel affirms that over the past thirty years our markets have changed from market economies to market societies. In agreeing with Mr. Sandel on this issue, we must understand the message he is trying to convey. It is possible to do so with the following reasons. We can’t allow for causes such as greed to take place, the consequences of inequality and corruption to happen, and open dialogue and debate need to take place so we all can agree how far …show more content…
In the case of kids being paid to read, they will not understand the importance or value of an education because of the incentives that we chose to give them. To fight our battles for us, we could hire foreign mercenaries. This would save a lot of lives of our people; this could also corrupt the sense of democracy and liberation. We need to take these outcomes into account as citizens. The last major point of the passage is in fact, our market economies changing into market societies and the lack of debate about it. A market society slithers into our everyday lives, something that's needs to be brought to everyone's attention. We have such an absence of deliberation on these issues that it is worrisome. These discussions, that should happen, may not seem possible with our current politics. With constant arguing between parties back and forth with what's right and what's wrong with our country, a pleasant but productive conversation about the issue may seem unattainable. Still, these issues need to be discussed because we as a nation need to distinguish where the market can and cannot cross. By doing so, this would leave us with a greater aseptic nation. Let’s take a deeper look as to why Sandel created this article. Mr. Sandel composed this piece with the intention of educating people that we have an underlying problem we may have never been cognitive

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