Michael Novacek's Global Warming Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg?

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Evidence continues to come to light that the planet Earth is experiencing an ongoing climate change that could have catastrophic, long-term effects. Michael Novacek explains that if trends continue they way they have over the last decade, the human race will be responsible for its own mass extinction, in his article “The Sixth Extinction: It Happened To Him. It’s Happening To Us.” Likewise, the article “Global Warming Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg,” by James R. Lee discusses how global warming could bring about major conflict that could lead to the end of life on Earth as it is known today. Humans need to get there heads out of the sand when it comes to climate change according to Kristen Sheeran and Mindy Lubber, co-authors of “The Cost of …show more content…
In his article, Novacek (2008) states that if the world’s inhabitants start to make more deliberate and unified changes to protect forest and wildlife preserves, decrease harmful gas emissions and continue to make technological advancement towards a better future, the Earth could be restored to it’s former glory. Additionally Novacek (2008) notes that “the first step in dealing with the problem is recognizing it for what it is” (pg. 467). Some still fail to acknowledge that climate change even exists and the full support of Earth’s inhabitant is essential in making the necessary changes against climate change. Lee (2009) does not give much hope in his article beyond saying, “For starters, we should redouble our efforts to slow down global warming and undo the damage humanity has already done to the environment. Every little bit helps, so by all means, hassle your senator and recycle those bottles” (pg. 473). While not all that informative, this quote shows the Lee still believes Earth’s future can be bright if behavioral changes are made now. Sheeran and Lubber’s (2009) article mainly focuses on refuting false claims made by another author but in the process they share ideas on how to enact …show more content…
While Mann (2014) state that the results he has found are cause for concern and says “these findings have implications for what we must do to prevent disaster” (p. 19), he does not specifically lay out a plan. He repeatedly notes that greenhouse emissions must be abated and technology implemented to remove CO2 from the air if there is any hope of saving Earth before it is too late.
End of Days Many warn of terrible events transpiring if humans continue to do nothing about the climate crisis. Scientists the world over believe that humans will be the cause of their own extinction and Novacek thinks no differently. He speculates that: The 21st century may mark the end of the line for the evolution of large mammals and other animals that are now either on the verge of extinction… or confined to small, inadequately supportive habitats. And devastated ecosystems will provide warm welcome to all those opportunistic invader species that have already demonstrated their capacity to wipe out native plants and animals. (Novacek, 2008, pg.

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