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MH 17

Last week a Malaysian Boeing triple seven was shot down over the Ukraine Russian boarding. With two hundred and ninety people on board, this crash resulting in many casualties has opened many questions regarding airlines, businesses, and risks international for the aviation world. The commercial airline left Schiphol Amsterdam airport and was traveling to Kuala Lumpur when it was shot down by Donetsk Ukraine. The area where the plane was shot down is under pro Russian rebel activity, as we know it today. The rebels used a Buk missile to shoot the plane down mistaken it for another type of aircraft. The type of missile used does not hit the plane yet it detonates before sending shrapnel, which ultimately blew the plane out of the
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There are several airlines that halted flying after this incident, and also with other crisis around like in Israel, planes will not operate resulting in losses for the companies. Malaysian Airlines will have to be restructured as this incident marks the second one in a four-month span. This will cost the shareholders and also government’s lots of money. Recently another plane crashed due to poor weather conditions but was operated by Air Algerie. These crashes result in businesses around the world which support the aviation industry to slow down, and also cause people to have more risk associated with flying to destinations and in general. The aviation companies that operate commercial airlines are in an intense competition and are always at high cost structures, which lead to making it imperative that the governments associated with this industry step up to the plate and help. Most of the flights that fly in these areas are international and if problems continue to arise then the companies will see a great loss in the future. Plane crashes result in payouts to the families that could range from hundreds of thousands to millions, and to include would be the governments, which assist in the disasters, could see a loss in money to provide support to recover and also clean up these wreckages. Although airlines have insurance that help with the financial

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