Mexico 's Transition : An Elusive Idea Of Democracy Essay

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México’s Transition to an Elusive Idea of Democracy A democracy is that which “its most powerful collective decision-makers are selected through fair, honest and periodic elections in which candidates clearly compete for votes and in which virtually all the adult population is eligible to vote”. It can be defined as political system in which individualistic power to make political decisions is based on a struggle for leadership votes and the freedom for people to make representation decisions concerning their rights”1. Democracy can ultimately be measured through political stability and free and fair elections to ensure equality in political representation within a nation. For the country of México democratization has been an unattainable goal for many years. Although México has transition from an Authoritarian Regime, remnants of this regime are continuously implemented into the political system. In contrast, an Authoritarian Regime system in which the people lack power and adequate representation in political issues. Therefore, the political power and representation lays in the hands of those in positions of authority. “The main feature of dominant party systems is that ‘elections are meaningful but manifest unfairly”. Inability to democratize is partly due to their lack of electoral integrity which directly affects the way in which people are represented and the hybrid regime made up of dangerous and economically greedy politicians.
Throughout the years, Mexico has…

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