Mexico 's Racial Social Stratification System Essay examples

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At the top of Mexico’s racial social stratification system is Spaniards and the bottom is Native Indians. A historical force that contributed to this hierarchy was the hacienda system which came about due to the conquest led by Spaniards. The racial stratification in Mexico is similar to the United States in light of the fact that the history began with the genocide of the native population; however, Mexico and the United States are different due to the fact that the United States has more pluralism than Mexico. Historical forces that affected the hierarchy of race in the United States was the manifest destiny and slavery. The history of Mexico’s racial stratification system began in 1519 when Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés conquered the Aztecs. Native Mexican’s vulnerableness to the diseases of Europeans proved to be disastrous and wiped out thousands. The hacienda system was similar to slavery. Native Mexicans were forced to work for Spanish colonizers by being tricked into debt. Civilizations under the hacienda system was race conscious and everyone had a race classification. The hacienda system based rights primarily in regards to race. The early days of the United States began with the genocide of Native Americans. During the genocide of Native Americans was the enslavement of an entire race specifically. The hierarchy of race in the United States was influenced tremendously from its beginnings. Manifest destiny was an idea that helped to justify America’s…

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