Essay on Mexican American Women : Mexican Americans

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Mexican American Women The first Mexican immigrants migrated long before any records can identify. This is true for most native American people. “Latino culture has been apart of “American” culture longer than the United States has existed.” (Urbina, 6) Traveling in hopes of more resources and to escape tragedy. People from all over the world began to travel to the United States; a melting pot free from war and famine. Upon beginning a new life in the United States, Mexican immigrants quickly felt the harsh sting of unwanted relations. This snuff from normal American life affected Latina women and families significantly. The 1800’s to 1900’s was a trying time for all; but as a Mexican immigrant it was do or die. Many minority groups were exiled from job opportunities, local markets, and saloons. The norms of daily life that were freely given to whites and upper-class (rich) citizens were hidden from minority groups. This societal occurrence is shameful when considering “the latino experience and the mexican American heritage is essential for understanding the roots of America.” (Urbina, 6) The respect and encouragement of knowledge towards other ethnic groups was not tolerated during these times; for that many groups suffered.
As the country expanded “Latinos became the largest ethnic minority group in the nation, becoming at the same time, the second largest ethnic group in the country.”(Cabrera,4) Yet this substantial piece of the U.S. struggled to gain rights over…

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