Mexican American And Mexican Americans Essay

1365 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 6 Pages
Growing up in a Mexican family I knew that my background was valuable, my parents taught me that being Mexican is important but I didn’t really pay much attention to that topic, until I got here to UTSA I have learned so much about my background. Things I didn’t even know I learned and knowing my culture In more detail has made me have much more respect to where I came from. Although I was born in the United States I consider myself a Mexican because I was born and raised the way my parents were. This Mexican American studies class has taught me about the importance of my cultural background and why it is important to know where as Mexican Americans came from. I didn’t know how much Mexicans had gone through to get us where we are now until I got to this class. I am glad I took this course because it has not only made me love my background culture but has taught me how Mexicans Americans did everything they could to have a better life. As the semester is coming to an end I can personally say I have grown knowledge on my cultural background. Growing up with a Mexican family has made me the person I am today being thankful for the sacrifices both my parents did so that I could have a better education and great career. I have experienced that the people like us we tend to have more respect towards others and have strong cultural beliefs. As the traditions continue through out my family we remain that culture going because it is something to be highly proud of. A lot of people…

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