Essay on Methods of a Natural Childbirth

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Childbirth is a beautiful thing. After the hours of labor, there is nothing more special than having the newly mother able to hold her child the minute after it’s born. It makes the pain that you had just experienced go away because all that matters in the world is that newborn child in your arms. During labor, every woman has her own experience but one common experience is the pain. According to Kitzinger (1978) “Labor pain can have negative or positive meaning, depending on whether the child is wanted, the interaction of the laboring woman with those attending her, her sense of ease or dis-ease in the environment provided for birth, her relationship with the father of her child and her attitude to her body throughout the reproductive …show more content…
The Bradley method prepares a mother for natural childbirth by providing education and exercises and nutrition and techniques of breathing and relaxation, with the assistance of the father. The Bradley Method was named after the man who designed it, Robert A. Bradley, an American obstetrician from Kansas. “In 1965, Bradley published his book Husband Coached

Childbirth in which he explained that women could give birth naturally and successfully by relying on the help of their husband trained as a coach and by following six principles” (Mardorossian, 2003, p.160). Nelson (1982) says “In more recent years, three new social movements have lent ideological support to the goal of a "natural" childbirth in which the mother (and father) can actively participate” (p. 339). Having the father be a part of the birthing processing is helpful. Having the father of the child there to care for the expecting mother was based on the experience of a significant number of women who thought it would the most effective kind of support during birth. Because relaxation with the Bradley method is what the mothers should strive for during labor, it makes sense that a loving spouse/partner who is absolutely committed to being his lover's helper during labor would be a better source of support than a intruding stranger. The Bradley method echoes the Lamaze method, the most popular method of labor and delivery today and Lamaze also relies first and foremost on relaxation as

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