Essay on Methods Of Identification Of Studies

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Identification of studies
To research information related to my topic, I searched Hennepin Public Library (Neuroscience literature) and online data base EBSCOhost (Academic Search Premier), plus Goggle Scholar, and Metro state’s Library and information services, which includes: Eric and APA Psych Net data bases (1, 2). I examined systematic reviews, using key words exercise, depressive symptoms and disorders, affective disorders, dysthymia, physical activity and fitness, neuroplasticity, neurotransmitters, hippocampus.
There were approximately sixty-four volunteers, 33.8% (N= 22) were males and 64.6% (N= 42) were females (3, 4). With 75.4% (N=49) who exercised, while 24.6% (N=15) did not exercise Overall the group consisted of ages that ranged between; 18-29; 30-41; 4-2-53; 54-65, and over 65—with incomes under 20,000 and figures between 21,000-29,000; 30,000-39,000; 40,000-49,000; 50,000-59,000; 60,000-69,000; and over 70,000. Their genders, cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, occupations, incomes, life styles, exercise regimens, and self-administered prescribed medications, over the counter medications, and caffeinated energy drinks varied in dosage and ingredients (5, 6). All the participants were subject to the same survey on-line.

Study Design
I designed and implemented a survey with primarily qualitative questions to establish a reliable correlation between variables (7). I lobbied information about the study and encouragement to take it, via…

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