Methods Of Education : Rote Learning And Conversational Teaching

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“Methods of education: Rote Learning and Conversational Teaching”
There are two different ways of learning presented in this essay. Both of them have the purpose to help the Christian communities at churches to increase the knowledge that the congregation has about their beliefs and traditions. Equally, they can be very useful for the people in charge of a group at church, from pastors to ministries’ leaders. There are advantages and disadvantages for each one of them and this essay has the purpose of analyzing and contrasting them in order to select which one can help in a better way to have good results for the people attending to the church, from kids to adults and their different objectives.
These methods are Rote learning and Conversational Teaching. The first one is presented in the article, of Joel. A Smelley Jr., “Rote Learning: A revived strategy for religious instructions”. And the second one is proposed in the article, of Beverly C. Johnson-Miller, “Conversational Teaching and Christian Transformation”, both of them from the Christian Education Journal. Although, they might seem two completely different ideas they can work together if you think about Rote Learning as one of the steps that Conversational Teaching includes but Conversational Teaching is more applicable to have a better learning process. Actually, the difference between them lies in the objectives that they are trying to reach as explained next.
Conversational teaching on the contrary of Rote…

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