Pia Desideria Part 3 Analysis

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Pia Desideria (Part 2) – Having covered the problems in the Lutheran church in Part 1 of this work, Spener now moves on to say that they should demand better things and behavior from themselves, since God means for the earthly church to be better than what they currently are. There will come a time, he says, when the Roman church will fall and many of the Jewish people will convert to Christianity, and that will be accomplished with or without help from the Christians (or more specifically the Lutherans in Spener’s area). Spener argues that their job is not to sit around and wait for these events to take place, but rather take any and every possible action they can to bring these events about. He also makes the case that the Early Church is the best model to copy, mainly in the areas of church discipline, everyday …show more content…
To all those who would say that reaching the level that the Early Church was on is impossible, Spener retorts that the opposite is true, seeing as how they have the same Holy Spirit working in them that the Early Church had. Pia Desideria (Part 3) – In Part Three of this work, he proposes six different ideas as tangible actions that the church can take to help improve the conditions of the church. Firstly, Spener proposes a more extensive use of Scripture. Sermons are alright, but he says that only very small portions of Scripture are actually preached, so there is a real need to study the remaining parts of the Bible. Putting this proposal into action can occur in a variety of ways. One example is the model of the modern day Bible study, in which people (laity and clergy alike) gather outside of the Sunday service to study Scripture and have meaningful discussions. This kind of interaction, according to

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