Methodology As The Rationale For The Methods Essay

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Lambert (2012) defines methodology as the rationale for the methods you use to investigate and answer your research questions. Therefore, there must be an explanation for your chosen methodology in order to meet your aims of the research. The aim of my research is to uncover the answers of these questions:
1) What do students and teachers define success as
2) What do students feel contributes to their success
3) What do teachers feel contributes to their pupils success

This is a piece of qualitative research that will take place in one PRU in the UK, close to a large town centre in the Black Country. This PRU was selected for this research because of its ‘good’ Ofsted rating, which had been achieved by the new head teacher and deputy, which helped it go from satisfactory to good. The PRU has forty four children enrolled, between the ages of eleven to sixteen which all have some form of EBD and it is managed by an experienced head teacher, the classrooms are similar to those in a mainstream school. The National Curriculum is followed as much as possible and the structure of the day is kept closely the same as a mainstream school, with break time, lunch and social time. As well as this, there is an emphasis on taking part in outdoor pursuits such as football and allotment keeping. However, one afternoon a week the whole school gets to choose an activity of their choice to take part in, where all the children have the opportunity to mix with all…

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