Method Essay

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Part 1: Complete the Research Plan

|What is your general topic or area of interest? |My general area of interest is music. |
| | |
| | |
|What is it about your general topic of interest that interests |This topic interests me because music has always been a hobby of mine. In|
|you? |fact music is more my passion.
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|research question because once I find the answer it will raise more |
| |questions making the paper flow and come together much nicer. |
|How is your research question significant or relevant to a wider |Music helps all age groups get through many things. |
|community? |Music helps infants and children learn. |
| |Music soothes the mind and gets blood flowing for workouts. |
| |Music is life. |
|What background information provides the preliminary grounds for |Mostly being in music my whole life and knowing how important it is in |
|your research? |today’s society. Many people would be out of a job if it weren’t for the |
| |music industry. |
|What are some expert or authoritative sources of information on |There are many music therapists around my place of residence that I am |
|this research

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