`` Messy Realities `` By Myron Weiner Essay examples

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In “Messy Realities”, Myron Weiner believes that illegal immigrants should have a double standard when it applies to the laws and rules of the United States. He states, “There is a complex set of rules to the rights and benefits for each of the categories of persons entering the country” (Weiner 1). This shows that Weiner believes that illegal immigrants have to righteously follow a set of complicated laws to obtain rights and benefits in a country. Moreover, Weiner shows that he has a strong, yet bipolar attitude toward the entry of illegal immigrants in the United States. With that said, he uses the rhetorical strategies logos, pathos, and ethos to appeal and persuade to his audience-- the working class and taxpayers. Additionally, as seen toward the beginning, the reader can clearly view Weiner’s use of logos as he argues with Owen Fiss’s argument, “That all foreigners in the United States are entitled to the same opportunities as citizens for employment, education, Medicare, Medicaid, public housing, food stamps and other social benefits” (Weiner 1). Myron Weiner argues with Fiss due to his inability to successfully explain why the American society creates a distinction among different foreign groups and the purpose of these distinction. Weiner hopes that he will successfully persuade the reader to adopt his same viewpoints—that illegal or undocumented immigrants should not have the same rights and benefits as American citizens. Myron Weiner’s audience, as previously…

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