What Are The Pros And Cons Of Mesoamerican Americans

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One of the most interesting periods before the colonization of the Spanish was perhaps the Native Americans of Mesoamerica. There are so many civilizations that flourished around this time. There are many philosophical and/or religious factors that arose during this period, some of which are, but are not limited to, the sacrifice of humans for religious purposes. According to the textbook on page 326, "… The most frequently cited aspect of Aztec culture is human sacrifice, which was linked with religious ritual." Many people today portray the sacrifices back to the ancient civilizations to those of the aspects like sacrifices, to the Mayans and the Aztecs, that occurred around modern-day Mexico before, during
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According to the text book, there were several eras and city-states that were established in Ancient Greece like Sparta and Athens. According to page 81 of the textbook, Athens become to be a cultural center of the world (around that time). It is common knowledge that the Greeks and the Persians have had many issues in the past. Due to the differences in both cultures and perhaps the geographic area of both locations. Another important aspect that I’ve learned during the readings in Ancient Greece was perhaps the thing that motivated various judgments in the way of thinking in the Ancient Greeks was perhaps philosophy. One of those most influential philosophers were probably Socrates and Plato which taught things like “the unexamined life is not worth living” (p. 93) and among other things; the Ancient Greeks were very astute people. One would never think that they would be able to create such an incredible military system like those in the city-state of Sparta or Athens. The Ancient Persians and the Ancient Greeks had some quarreling throughout time, especially for conquest. I believe that this is an example of the many people in history that wish to conquer foreign lands for reasons of assimilation or for the simple reason of spreading their cultures and idea; this could be seen in the Hellenistic period of Alexander the Great. From all the chapters that I’ve read, from the Neolithic periods, Ancient/Classical Greece to the Mesoamericans of the past, they share a common factor and that is perhaps dominating their culture to other

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