Exemplification Essay: Mentor Today For A Better Tomorrow

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Mentor Today For A Better Tomorrow Patrick was twelve years old and in love with the game of basketball. He spent the majority of his summer at the local high school and YMCA practicing for next year’s tryouts. Since everyone always made the team in the past, he was a little nervous about his first real test and the potential of being cut from the team. Even though the basketball season didn’t start for months, he was dedicated to being the best. That same summer, his twenty-one year old cousin Josh from Chicago, moved half way across the country to evade his past decisions. Josh was intertwined with some of Chicago’s toughest gangs, and law authorities recommended he leave Chicago as soon as possible. The dramatic move landed Josh into bunking with Patrick in Arizona. To be modest, Patrick was a little weary of his new roommate because of the horrifying stories he overheard while eavesdropping on his parents. However, time went on and Patrick and Josh formed a bond. The bond was fairly new when Patrick’s tryouts began, but the positive encouragement from Josh boosted Patrick’s confidence that lead to a starting position on the team. Life was great for Patrick for the first month or so of the season but it all changed in an instance. Patrick’s popularity grew with the newfound position, but his grades and behavior plummeted. The day before the team’s fifth game Patrick was involved in the bullying of another student. The consequences were suspension from school and he was kicked off the basketball team. His parents, school faculty, and his basketball coach all scolded him on his …show more content…
Actually, seasoned mentors seem to guide more mentees and have a better success rate. For example, Oral Lee Brown of Oakland has inspired many children and is an example to live by. Brown’s mentor skills were made public by an article written by Susan Young for People Magazine where she

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