Mentor Today For A Better Tomorrow Analysis

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Mentor Today For A Better Tomorrow Patrick was twelve years old and in love with the game of basketball. He spent the majority of his summer at the local high school and YMCA practicing for next year’s tryouts. Since everyone always made the team in the past, he was a little nervous about his first real test and the potential of being cut from the team. Even though the basketball season didn’t start for months, he was dedicated to being the best. That same summer, his twenty-one year old cousin Josh from Chicago, moved half way across the country to evade his past decisions. Josh was intertwined with some of Chicago’s toughest gangs, and law authorities recommended he leave Chicago as soon as possible. The dramatic move landed Josh into bunking …show more content…
In a school district with a 54 percent high school graduation rate, Browns ' kids are beating the odds. Out of that first group of 23, 19 graduated from high school and enrolled in college.
Brown was successful in her personal and professional life, which helped her to become one of the great mentors of our time. The more physical and mental resources a mentor possesses, the more equipped they are to guide another person. However, with the increasing numbers of children requiring mentors, programs are finding it difficult to attract enough volunteers (Ciarrochi, 398). Everyone cannot be like Brown; instead more people can be like Josh. Young people need guidance in making the right decisions and learning from their mistakes. In fact, the pre-frontal cortex of every human being’s brain is responsible for decision-making; and with today’s technology, we know that it does not fully develop until our late teens to early twenties (Kalat, 98). Our brains are very powerful but difficult to control at younger ages, which leads to poor decision making in some. To have an older person to talk to and assist with these confusing years can help our youth survive without making detrimental mistakes that could haunt them

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