Mentally Ill People And The General Public: Article Analysis

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1. In the article the author tries to explain the relationship between mentally ill people and the general public. In our society mental illness has been highly stigmatized and making it hard so people to go to a phycologist and get diagnosed or get the proper treatment for their condition. In some cases, mental illness is also dismissed as a real sickness and these attitudes that the public project on the mental ill is not only detrimental to the patients but can also have major impact on the society. So in the article the author explores a few experiments that investigates the attitudes of mental health professionals and how they interact with people with mental illness and vice versa. The purpose of these experiments aimed to understand the attitudes and relations of health professional and the mentally ill, with this information they can better the relationships and un-stigmatize mental illnesses. The experiment in the article was also carried out with different variables, such as, demographic and work characteristics.
2. To perform the experiment, the researchers basically administered a survey to the patients and staff. So first a
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The finding of these experiments showed evidence of both stigmatizations from society and self stigmatization. For the most part both the patients and hospital staff held negative views towards people with mental illness and in some cases the patients held even more negative attitudes than the staff. This study shows that most patients are condemn themselves more for have the sickness and see themselves has un-functional and unworthy members of society. The most significant difference in the survey of the staff and patients is on the statement: “Most people believe that entering a mental hospital is a sign of personal failure”, where 61.7% of the patients agreed to the statement and 49.6 % of the staff agreed. Overall both staff and patients held negative attitudes towards having mental illness or towards mentally ill

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