Mental Illness And Its Effects On A Person 's Life Essay

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There are many questions about mental health, such as whether it is mainly caused by chemical imbalances in the brain or horrible situations, if some types are actual issues or something made up by companies to capitalize on the industry. Mental illness is a controversy in the world, whether it is admitted or not. Anyone suffering from a mental illness can be classified as crazy, weird, or even attention seeking, which is very unhelpful to their situation. These people need support to overcome their challenges. If they are constantly being put down by peers, then they cannot move on in their life; they will be stuck in a phase of turmoil with no end in sight.
All mental illnesses fit into five main categories; anxiety disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia/psychotic disorders, dementias, and eating disorders. These illnesses have crippling effects on a person’s life. They can change the way someone perceives and addresses a situation. An occurrence that would have no affect one someone with no mental issue, is distorted into either a negative or positive issue, and therefore changes how they would handle it. If they do not use coping skills and proper treatments, they allow themselves to regress further into their shells and become the person they see themselves as, helpless. Exercise and medication are two options that regulate mental illness, however, medication is associated with unnecessary problems, while exercise regulates the body and the brain.
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