Mental Health Recovery Long Term Outcome Studies Essay example

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1. Utilize the web to investigate ‘mental health recovery long term outcome studies’. Cite an additional resource or reference on the topic.
The two resources that I found that discussed mental health long term outcome studies were;
The first resource that was found for this assignment is :
1)Harding, C. M. (2015, April). Lessons We Have Learned from Longitudinal Research About What Promotes Recovery from Psychosis. Lecture presented at Yale-Symposium, New Haven.

This article discusses the results of 11 Modern Long-term studies, that have shown that ½ to 2/3 of individuals with serious mental illness/ disabilities that were studied have had their symptoms and mental illness significantly improved over time, which was contrary to what was believed possible in past professional thought.

The second resource that was found for this assignment is:
2)Harding, C. M., Ph.D, Brook, G. W., M.D, Ashikaga, T., Ph.D, Strauss,, J. S., M.D., & Breier, A., M.D. (1987, June). The Vermont Longitudinal Study of Persons With Severe Mental Illness, II: Long-Term Outcome of Subjects Who Retrospectively Met DSM-III Criteria for Schizophrenia. American Journal Of Psychiatry, 727-735. Retrieved from This article discusses, a follow-up study of 118 patients from Vermont State hospital who were diagnosed…

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