Essay on Mental Health For Homeless Veterans

737 Words Jul 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
According to Comorbidity Between Psychiatric and General Medical Disorders in Homeless Veterans, “Use of alcohol and other drugs of abuse are also common among the homeless, and this use influences availability of treatment and healthcare decision making” (Goldstein). With offering services for homeless veterans suffering from abuse this program can help them get clean as well as use resources to better their health. The need for counselors in these programs is very demanding for many reasons from addiction help to mental health help as well as medical help. Internships could be offered to help to cover the costs making services more affordable. With many students pursing degrees that require internships, this program would offer more opportunities for students to intern, learn, and help the facilities as well as the veterans in the programs. By offering internships, the costs of operation would decrease with the extra help. With government planning, there can be a program that can assist in helping the costs of running the pilot facilities. The program would help pay employees, cover medicinal help, as well as housing needs at the facility.
A bill would have to be introduced into the federal legislature to fund the pilot program. With that the pilot program would be the basis of asking the legislature to continue funding of that program as well as asking for additional funding to expand the program to other municipalities. Expected time to see a turnaround in the number…

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