Mental Health And Criminals. Essay

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Mental Health and Criminals
Imagine having a child with a mental illness and not knowing what will happen next. One minute they are happy and enjoying life, with the world in their hands, then suddenly, the child gets angry and violent. People get frazzled and confused, never knowing if there is a way to help or stop those violent children before it 's too late. Too late for them to make the worst mistake of their life: hurting someone dearly or going to prison for the rest of their life. An examination of prisons, jails, and mental health institutions must begin with a background and understanding of mental health issues and backgrounds and concerns for patients and prisoners. Crime rates around the world are rising due to mental health issues. Prisons and jails are there to protect everyone involved, especially the prisoners so that they don’t harm themselves or someone else. Most crimes involve some sort of weapon or firearm, in fact, Beckett states, “If we were to build a monument to commemorate all the people who died as a result of a gunshot in the last ten years, we would need a monument five times bigger than the Vietnam War” (Beckett). Several people believe that decreasing access to such weapons will in return also decrease crime rates in the mentally ill. However, according to Lois Beckett in “A Conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Swanson” “Blocking people with serious mental illnesses from buying guns worked but with only fourteen less violent crimes a year”…

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