Mental Disorder And Mental Disorders Essay

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Schizophrenic Suicide Every day, lives are sensuously taken, souls that no longer wish to continue, the internal fight for survival emotionally, mentally and physically are no longer there. Families suffer from the lost loved ones that have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia and chose to end their own life. There are commoners who do not fully understand the toll the mental disorder causes a victim such as: hallucinations, delusional thoughts or actions, and lack of interest. Patients who do not have the support system they require to be able to live a casual life may feel emptiness and have no other escape. Schizophrenic require family members to consider their personal safety, thereby; placing them on suicide watch. Few are able or allowed to enjoy life and recognize the differences between harsh reality, and symptoms. Schizophrenia can be a very scary mental disorder when it is not fully understood. Many believe schizophrenic people are violent and uncontrollable. Yet, it is actually described as chronic and severely disabling to the brain. These conditions convince patients their hallucinations, delusional thoughts and actions, are normal thought process (“Schizophrenia”). Hallucinations can consist of anything between auditory to visual. The scenarios may not exist, but do seem very realistic to the patient at hand (Bryan et al. 64). Schizophrenia provides voices in the patient’s head that others do not hear, as well as having the influence of the patients to not move…

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