Mental Abuse And Protective Service Essay example

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Each year there are series of cases of child abuse and protective service taking them away from their home. Majority of the victims suffer from neglect, but a few also encounter the effects of physical, psychological and or even worst sexual abuse. Physical abuse is characterized by physical injury, inflicted as a beating. Sexual abuse includes for molestation, incest and rape. Inflicting a sexual act on an individual. Neglect is an abandonment failure to be there. I personally haven’t experience child abuse from my parents, but I have experience punishment. I experience a whipping here or there and an occasional punishment by being isolated to my room with just me and my own thoughts, but that is more of an positive way of punishment instead of actually hurting someone mentally, physically and emotionally. The scholarly journal Child Protection In Family Law Services: How Much Do We Choose To Know?." by Tsitsis, Chrysomallis, and Kourkouta. It’s on how they can help children out of abusive situations.The New York Times Magazine A question of resilience by Emily Bazelon speaks about how these two young girls were abused growing up in foster care and they took action by calling the police to get them help. In this advertisement that I got on the website called Glogster look of shows a little girl with a sadness. Children who suffer from child abuse should seek help prevention, resilience and informational listening around their town.
Maltreatment of children is the violent…

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